Under the direction of Registered Forester David B. Gehle, Mylander Forestry, offers a menu of services to meet the needs of most landowners, investors, and developers. We know the revenue stream a timber harvest may bring, but we’ll never advise you to sell just to sell.

Mylander Forestry is big enough to serve you expertly yet small enough to serve you personally. Our areas of expertise include:


Is a timber harvest appropriate? At Mylander Forestry, we provide the function of managing your timber with the desire to purchase your timber at competitive rates.  Many times we’ve steered the land owner in a better direction to meet their goals when the silvicultural need wasn’t there or the market conditions were not favorable for a harvest.

Choosing Mylander Forestry will assure you a trusting relationship. We will be more than willing to perform the services as a consultant where the market place will better serve the land owner. We can competitively administer a timber sale to get the best outcome.  We’re dedicated to giving the land owner meticulous care.   Georgia is fortunate to have exceptional foresters available from public and private sectors, but land owners can find Mylander Forestry well suited for their needs.


Mylander Forestry focuses on the individual tree and the stand of trees.  The selection can be done by a professional forester or by the logging operator.  Who do you want to manage you timber thinning?    Professionally marking the timber is the best way to gain the utmost from the benefits from thinning.  In the process of selection, the dominant and co-dominant trees are remaining to keep the stand of timber growing until a final harvest.

Thinning maintains the potential for the best growth of the trees keeping the stand healthy.  Whether a pine stand or hardwood stand, they both will respond positively to an appropriate thinning.  Diameter of a tree is directly related to it’s competition.  A forester can cull the trees with diseases, forks, poor form, and smaller diameter because the forester can see the individual tree and the timber stand together to achieve the desired stocking level.

There are also more specialized select harvests when a land owner has specific goals for their property or a specific stand of treesMylander Forestry can handle this too.


This service is most commonly performed in a dense premerchantable or young stand of trees whether planted or natural.  Not always practical, but keeps the best of what a land owner has without starting over.  Improving the quality of a timber stand by removing undesirable trees and competing vegetation. This achieves a desired composition in terms of density and species.


In layman’s terms, this is the removal (harvesting) of all marketable trees in a specific area at once.  Mylander Forestry understands the landowner’s right to cut down all the trees but cautions that sometimes thinning is better. After an assessment, we can recommend what’s best for your situation.


A harvest designed to give much more light to the understory with a medium to lighter stocking level of dominate trees remaining.  This can give several results depending on what’s growing on the site.  It’s also a start to developing an uneven-aged, diverse stand of timber.


This scenario leaves 6-10 mature seed producing pines per acre to naturally regenerate the site with all other merchantable trees harvested.  This shouldn’t be applied to any site because the results can vary from good to poor.  It often can have a new stand of timber terribly overcrowded leading to stagnant diameter growth and a poorly productive stand.


Mylander Forestry can give you a proper timber appraisal which includes volumes, tree distribution by diameter and products, and scale maps with timber stands on larger tracts.   This is a fee for service approach giving the land owner honest market conditions and trends, along with some guidance on aligning their goals with a timeline. A wise land owner knows what they have in their timber assets and how to get the most of land for their timber production, wildlife, and other attributes of the land.     Keep in mind an appraisal is a snapshot of what a land owner has at that point in time but gives the professional a basis on what a land owner has and the land’s potential.


Every land owner has his unique set of objectives and long term goals.  Our goal is to guide the land owner and exceed their expectations.    We want the land owner to see beyond the next few years.  We think of managing the timber assets for sustainability – for future generations.  One way is to growing the most valuable timber, sawtimber, by managing the growth of all the timber stands.

This service is for land owners who wish to find a reliable forester to help them manage their assets and want sound advice.This takes clear communication of your goals.  It’s never too late to develop a forest plan.  This will help you, the land owner, meet your goals over a long period.    What are your objectives?  In addition to timber management, are you interested in camping, hunting, hiking, photography?  Put your objectives in writing and review them as your life priorities change.  Mylander Forestry can help you find a strategy that ensures the sustainability of your forest resource.

The extent to which any forester can service the specific needs of the land owner depends on many factors, such as technical ability, conflicts of interest, business philosophy, personal ethics, land owner resources to invest, and the land owner’s ability to communicate their ownership objectives to the forester.  David has a broad experience base and training to give you, the land owner, the help you need to get the better outcome.

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